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A handful of entrepreneurs opened clubs that were lean on furnishings but full of cheap beer and youthful energy. But many of the clubs have folded, often after violating regulations that critics say effectively criminalize most nonindustrial activities. The result is that Hong Kong’s indie bands are forever searching for places to perform — a further indignity for working-class musicians and fans in a financial hub where the night life caters largely to people on corporate salaries. “We are not just talking about upper-class, high-class art,” Tanya Chan , a legislator from Hong Kong’s pro-democracy Civic Party , said of the music at Hidden Agenda and other quasi-underground venues in the city’s industrial neighborhoods. “I don’t see why ordinary citizens or music lovers can’t have their own place to play music,” she added. “If no such choices exist in our city, that’s a pity.” Hong Kong has fewer than 13 small-scale live houses, mainly in industrial buildings, and seven others, including Hidden Agenda, that would be considered midsize or large, said Adrian Chow, a composer and do chiropractic drop tables work producer who supervises the music group at the Hong Kong Arts Development Council , a government-funded advisory body. Many of those venues would struggle to survive even without onerous regulations because the property market is among the world’s most expensive . What’s more, a recent industrial “revitalization” program gave landlords financial incentives to convert industrial buildings into offices, but it also drove up the value of such space in districts like East Kowloon, a popular area for live houses. Industrial rents in East Kowloon climbed to $1.77 a square foot in 2015, from $1.05 a square foot five years earlier, a 68 percent increase, according to data provided by Savills , a property consulting firm. The rents there — Mr. Hui said he pays about $7,700 a month for his venue in East Kowloon — are still a small fraction of what club owners would pay in commercial districts. But that does not make them more affordable. The band Twisterella performing in July. Hanes Cheung, the guitarist for Twisterella, said that the shortage of proper music venues often forced bands to perform in restaurants. Credit Lam Yik Fei for The New York Times “There have to be subsidies by the nonprofit-making community or the government” to enable live houses to survive, said James Siu , the head of Kowloon for Savills. Almost no such subsidies exist.

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